Welcome to the Scripting Helpers Staff Application.
Please note that a Discord account (https://discordapp.com) that you actively use is required to be considered.
What is your Scripting Helpers username? *

What name do you prefer the Scripting Helpers team call you? *

This can be your real life first name or a nickname your friends call you. It can also be your Scripting Helpers username.
And, which pronoun best applies to you? *

What is your DiscordTag? *

You can find this in the bottom-left corner of the Discord application. It is in the format `name#0000`. Please do not use any non-standard characters in your name.
How old are you? *

What country do you currently live in? *

What languages do you speak? *

Which roles are you looking to fulfill at Scripting Helpers? *

Do you have experience in your selected roles from any other websites, groups, or game servers?

Why do you feel you will be a good fit for the selected role(s)?

Are you currently a staff member or moderator of any other websites or game servers?

How much time will you be able to dedicate to Scripting Helpers (consistently)?

Do you have any ideas for changes, events, or posts you could make on Scripting Helpers if you are selected to join the team?

I, {{answer_40196843}}, agree to uphold the community guidelines as a staff member, and will respect all members and other staff members, regardless of differences in personality, gender, race, country of origin, religion, or sexual orientation. *

All done! Thank you for filling out the application. We'll get back to you if your application looks like a good fit for us! :)

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